September 11, 2015

Gorgeous hair is the best revenge.

Hi Girls!
I receive a lot of compliments from you guys on Instagram for my hair and many of you ask me about my hair secrets. Well I am not the sort of person who sticks to one shampoo for a very long time and I love trying new shampoos that suit my hair. The only basic thing I keep in mind is to keep my hair away from heat products, to condition my hair every time, to oil my hair sometimes and to use shampoos that are mild. I heard that Pantene just came up with their whole new and improved version of Shampoo and Conditioner so I thought of giving it a try and reviewing it for you guys.
Frankly speaking, I have tried Pantene before and it did not work out too well for me in the past. So I was not sure of how this experiment will turn out to be. I used the shampoo and conditioner for a week and trust me I saw amazing difference in my hair. The new Pantene products are amazing and much better than the previous ones. My hair already feels more shinier, smoother and stronger. I naturally have very wavy and curly hair. It's sometime very hard to manage my hair and I hate using straighteners and other heated electronics on my hair to make them look manageable. But the all new range of Pantene products made my hair smoother and gave them a slight bounce. You can check out the video above to see how gorgeous my hair look. 
One really important thing for me while selecting shampoos is that it shouldn't be strong. Strong shampoos clean your hair and give a lot of lather but they make your hair dry, weak and make them lose their shine. I love how mild Pantene shampoos are. I feel like my hair are thanking me when I use Pantene as I am not being harsh on them with chemicals and strong shampoos. I feel like my hair are genuinely stronger inside and shinier outside. 
P.s I am wearing a gorgeous outfit from SR Store in the video and pictures below.
July 16, 2015


Today, while we are wearing some fun and playful stuff from SR Store, we are setting some goals and targets for ourselves.

I (Urmi) am wearing printed drawstring shorts with a stripe tee, layered with a Georgette duster coat. Jackets that are a little longer than the normal jackets add on a high street feel to your look and I am in love with particularly this one that am wearing for its fit and fabric. Lacing on a pair of sneakers is my go-to thing off late, so i teamed my outfit with these superstars (available for a stealing price, direct link below) from Adidas Originals making a comfortable outfit even comfier.

So, we are setting targets because Hemal and I and going to be away for a while. As I am going to be traveling to meet my family in August for about a month or even more and we obviously can't do without connecting with you guys for long! It is going to be a task, because we just hate working without each other. Working solo is so effing boring! To tell you the truth, in the first meeting itself people can tell that we are inseparables, some even think we are twins. Haha! But we don’t care! This is what we call Team Work! :P However, this time around we have to and we are trying to figure out ways to keep you guys posted with our travel stories, some pre-shot blogs and some current reports from Hemal while she is around in Mumbai.

While we pre plan our blog, you guys enjoy these beautiful set of pictures clicked by our favorite Jaina Kumar.

Urmi's Outfit: Shorts – SR Store.in | Overcoat, SR Store.in | Top, Bangkok |

Photo CreditJaina Kumar

July 16, 2015

A Hint of Mint

The best fashion advice I'd say would be just to do what makes you comfortable and what makes you feel cute, and that's how you're gonna look your best 'cause when you feel your best, everybody else can feel it, too.
-Ariana Grande
 I have been traveling soo much this month! Udaipur then Banglore and my birthday will be celebrated in Mumbai. Its been a while that I have traveled so much. Otherwise I lovee going to places. Being from Army background, I am very adventurous and dad used to always make sure to takes us on long trips. We anyways got to stay at amazing places like Srinagar and Leh Ladakh. 
Anyway, so my todays post is about mint and hues of blue with floral print and asymmetric design. I came across this beautiful summer outfit on the website of SR Store and completely fell in love with it the moment I saw it. My obsession with florals is not getting over anytime soon. SR Store has amazing clothes! I always try to find very reasonable online stores for you and do a review of their clothes so that you know where to shop from and what to expect. SR Store has a wide collection of outfits and the quality is too good. I am very happy with the outfits I got from them. I ordered a floral dress that I am wearing in this post and also ordered a nude bodycon dress with black straps on it. I will make sure to post the pictures of that outfit as well.
The outfit I am wearing in this post has a beautiful color combination. Blue in summers always makes you feel amazing and the color depicts something cold and light like water. Wear a lot of light pinks and hues of blues in summers. It looks amazing. This dress is pretty unique in it's design with one side of the dress almost coming till my ankle. The silhouette of the outfit looks very pretty. The fitting is pretty accurate and the dress is indeed very comfortable. 
I styled this outfit with my mint blue heels, blue reflector RayBans and silver bangles from Forever 21. I love how my heels and the reflectors compliment the outfit. You can even pick the orange tone from the outfit and style the outfit wearing accessories and heels of that color. 
Check out the pictures below!