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Gorgeous hair is the best revenge.

September 11, 2015

Hi Girls!
I receive a lot of compliments from you guys on Instagram for my hair and many of you ask me about my hair secrets. Well I am not the sort of person who sticks to one shampoo for a very long time and I love trying new shampoos that suit my hair. The only basic thing I keep in mind is to keep my hair away from heat products, to condition my hair every time, to oil my hair sometimes and to use shampoos that are mild. I heard that Pantene just came up with their whole new and improved version of Shampoo and Conditioner so I thought of giving it a try and reviewing it for you guys.
Frankly speaking, I have tried Pantene before and it did not work out too well for me in the past. So I was not sure of how this experiment will turn out to be. I used the shampoo and conditioner for a week and trust me I saw amazing difference in my hair. The new Pantene products are amazing and much better than the previous ones. My hair already feels more shinier, smoother and stronger. I naturally have very wavy and curly hair. It's sometime very hard to manage my hair and I hate using straighteners and other heated electronics on my hair to make them look manageable. But the all new range of Pantene products made my hair smoother and gave them a slight bounce. You can check out the video above to see how gorgeous my hair look. 
One really important thing for me while selecting shampoos is that it shouldn't be strong. Strong shampoos clean your hair and give a lot of lather but they make your hair dry, weak and make them lose their shine. I love how mild Pantene shampoos are. I feel like my hair are thanking me when I use Pantene as I am not being harsh on them with chemicals and strong shampoos. I feel like my hair are genuinely stronger inside and shinier outside. 
P.s I am wearing a gorgeous outfit from SR Store in the video and pictures below.


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